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Auto Accidents

The sudden and dramatic impact of an auto accident can be enough to turn your life upside down.


At Auto Accident Chiropractic we understand the pain and stress that comes from these types of injuries. That's why we are here to help you through the process. From filing a claim and reporting an injury all the way through your treatment plan and release from care, we've got you covered.


What Should I Do If I've Been Injured In A Collision?
  1. Document everything.

  • Take pictures of both vehicles​

  • Obtain the other vehicles insurance information

  • If the collision happened on a public road call the police to come fill out an accident report.

​   2. Notify your insurance company.

  • Call your car insurance company to open both a damage claim and a medical claim

   3. Get checked out by a doctor.

  • If the injuries appear serious don't hesitate to go to your medical doctor or more likely the emergency room.

  • If your injuries don't appear urgent still get checked out by your chiropractor. He or she can discuss with you the best care for your case.

 Keep in mind immediately following an auto accident there may not be any pain. It is still important at this crucial time to get evaluated by a qualified professional who knows how to look for injuries, even if they are minor or hidden. Many people don't feel a lot of pain following an automobile accident until days later. Pain killers and muscle relaxers may reduce the pain but do not address the underlying problem. You owe it to yourself to get the treatment you need so that your body can heal as it should following these types of traumas. Insurance companies understand the advantages of chiropractic care related to car accidents. This is why chiropractic treatment is fully covered on most automobile insurance policies. In Washington, this is true regardless of whether you were at fault or not or whether you were the driver, passenger, on a bicycle or a pedestrian. For your convenience we will handle all of the insurance billing and paperwork on your behalf, in fact you will generally never have any out of pocket expense when being treated for an automobile accident.

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