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Work Related Injuries

Neck and back pain account for most on the job injuries. Who better to see for this type of injury than a Dr. of Chiropractic. Work related injuries can impair the patient both physically and mentally. We understand that our patients would rather be working than suffering in pain. Workers Compensation laws in Washington protect employees and cover chiropractic care of work related injuries. There is generally never any out of pocket expense for the injured patient. There is also no referal needed. If you have been injured at work, see us at Auto Accident Chiropractic. We are specialists in treating neck, back and joint pain from work injuries. We can fill out all claims forms and manage your care from start to finish. If you need to take time off work or to restrict your wok activity because of your injury, we can communicate with your employer on your behalf to make these arrangements.It is important to get the care you need for your injury now, not only to stop the pain but to rehabilitate the affected area so that you don't set yourself up for a more debilitating injury down the road. Call Auto Accident Chiropractic now to schedule your appointment. 

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